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Hey everyone!  I have all kinds of new Merch                                        to show your Rob Little

Spirit and to support me the best way you                     can.  So check out these graphics I

created and all the different items you can get them printed on!  Thank you for all the love and support you have shown me.  I can't wait to see you all in some of these items when I come to your town!!!

1.  Rob Little Logo

-    Sleek in design, pleasing in color, you will look cool as hell in a product showing this off.  So excited to debut this new logo and I look forward to seeing it on someone in my audience!  Boy, would that be so cool.

2.  Little Lunatics

-    This has been the name of my fan base since I started comedy March 8, 1998.  A fan came up to me after a show at Joey's Comedy Club in Livonia, MI and said they were a Little Lunatic and I loved it so much that I still use it today.

3.  Cute Little Fan

-    This is the name of my Cute Little Fans from my latest bit.  Even if you aren't little, I'm sure you have that Cute Little quality about you.  So why not order something with this graphic and display it proud???

4.  My Heart Belongs to...

-    This shirt was initially sold by some company I never heard of.  When they took it down from Amazon I decided to create a new version of it and reintroduce it to my friends/fans.  Wearing this is an awesome way to show you are a real fan!

5.  I love 80085...

-    This is a joke from my act which is pretty much true.  I mean is there a better body part that has so many names and is loved by all.  Well maybe 1, to men, but nothing I want to see on a shirt! 

6.  I'm the healthiest...

-    This is a joke from my act.  We don't say "Fat" in my family we say you're "Healthy"!  Let's be honest it's not fun to be or be called "Fat", but saying you're Healthy definitely puts a positive spin on it so you don't go home crying...

7.  I'm a Little Door Key

-    Being dorky is a huge honor in my eyes.  It means you are fun and silly without taking yourself or others seriously.  

8. B'day Mate

-    from the bidet series of graphics;  this one is a joke from my act.  I love my bidet and seem to meet people all over the world that love theirs just as well.  So I would like to open my own bidet store in Australia and name it "B'day Mate".  The Perfect Name!

9.  Bidet Parade

-    from the bidet series of graphics;  this one is a joke from my act.
I try to get my friends and family to try it out hoping that one day they will get their own.  Men say it's gay!  So my response is, if thats gay then I am 100% gay and will ride one down a street in a parade.

10.  Gay for Bidet - Heart

-    See #9 for explanation of how the joke starts out but after someone calls using a bidet gay, I say I love them so much that I must be gay, I'm Gay for Bidet! 

11.    Gay for Bidet - Tool Store

-    See #10 and the difference with this one is I'm talking about renovating my bathroom in this joke I thought I would give the option of supporting the love of a bidet with the manliness of a tool store!

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