Adorable & Silly Comedy

Past Recipients

2014 Recipients

The Bergeron Family

Tracy, Chaz, Ethan

2013 Recipients

The Arquette Family

Bella, Dominic, Kitcha, Johnni, Zakary

The Buys Family

Roseann and Samantha

The Rodriguez Family

Maria and Travis

The Spoor Family

(Back Row) Julianna, Shantel, Michael, Colleen(Front Row) Aliyah and Jakob

2012 Recipients

The Peters Family

Joe, Harmoni, Joey, and Hunter

The Paige Family

Kenny, Erica, Chandler, and Bella

The Humphrey Family

Elliot, Amber, Mandy, and Scarlet

2011 Recipients

The Wallis Family

Dennis, Audrey, Ellery, Hunter, Gage, Kalea, and Lilly



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