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Spoor Family

Second Mom I'm helping did lose her home because it was contaminated and the problems inside were literally killing her small child.  They had to leave and now his health is much better.  But they are barely surviving having to move her 4 kids in with her mother till they can find another home.  All her kids go to Pinconning Schools but they are staying with her mom in Prescott for the time being.

- $500 grocery card

- Gas Cards

- Restaurant Certificates,

- Ice Skating Gift Certificates

- Pinconning Thrift store donated outfits for every family member


Michael - 02 yr old boy:

- Clothes (Size 24 month)

- Lots of Toy Blocks and Cars


Jakob - 08 yr old - 2nd grade boy:

-  Hot wheels Cars and carrying cases for them

- Legos and Connects Blocks (Magnetic), Spy Gear

- Clothes (Size 12 pants & 12-14 in shirts for boys)


Aliyah - 10 yr old - 5th gr girl, (11 in Feb):

- Make up

- A Nook for reading Books

- Clothes (Size 14 in pants & 14 in shirt) and scarf


Julianna - 15 yr old - 9th gr girl:

- Make up

- iPod, iTunes

- phone card (Boost Mobile Phone)


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*Contributions are not eligible for charitable deductions.

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