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Humphrey Family

This was the original family we were planning on helping this year, only. Once we got more donations we decided to help 3 families total. So certain things were already purchased for this family before we decided to spread the wealth so to say...


These items are what we bought with the money.

-  $500  Pinny Food Center - Grocery Card

-  $??? Gift card to Shell Gas Station

-  $???  3 months of paid rent

-  $???  6 months of paid car insurance

-  $???  Several local food establishments donated gift cards to their restaurants for this family

-  $???  Bassinette, Swing, and Baby Bouncy Bed


Mandy (3):

-  Several brand new Barbies and accessories

-  Several Littlest Pet Shop Walkables and accessories

-  Clothes

-  Disney Movies


Scarlet (Baby):

-  Diapers and wipes

-  Clothes

-  Baby toys


*Contributions are not eligible for charitable deductions.


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*Contributions are not eligible for charitable deductions.

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