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Arquette Family

Third Mom I'm helping also lost her home because her fiancé died of a heart attack at age 32. Unfortunately there was no life insurance.  She found a house to rent but is on the verge of losing that too since her fiancé was the main provider.  She has a brand new baby that is just over 2 weeks old that the father never had the chance to see since he passed away.  This would have been their 1st child together being the first 3 kids are from a previous relationship.


We found out that this family was being helped by 2 other much larger charities with gifts for the children  so we decided to help out with bills.  There were still lots of donations brought in for the kids in this family so we still got to hand out some fun presents!

- So we paid her rent up till April

- And paid her Electric Bill

- Pinconning Thrift store donated outfits for every family member


Johnni  - 2 1/2 week old baby girl:

-  clothes


Bella - 6 yr old girl:

- Nintendo DS with lots of games, movies, and various toys


Dominic - 9  yr old boy:

- Football, and various other toys


Zakary - 10 yr old boy:

- Various Toys

*Contributions are not eligible for charitable deductions.


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*Contributions are not eligible for charitable deductions.

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